Technical details

The textiles are 100% water resistant and do not leak color, even when washed in a washing machine.

Moreover they are very resistant to friction. We made our final textiles undergo the Martindale Abrasion test and they resulted very resistant and suitable for both commercial and heavy use (they can lasts for over 30000 rubbings).

Production limitations

The textiles are 1.60 meters wide, we extend by height and we can reach up to 20 meters. Producing wider garments is not possible due to shortage of wider denim rolls. However we can produce shorter textiles by demand.

There is no minimum order, you can order just one meter. As stated, the width is constant, thus we extend in height by roll. The longest roll we own is 20 meters.

We have just introduced pillows, rugs, tablecloths, and more to our collection. The showcase items
have fixed sizes but we can produce other sizes on demand. Limitations may apply. Check out our digital catalog and the frontpage of each category to see their sizes.

We do not produce industrial lenghts because most of our work is manual. We make only small productions based in Treviso, a mid-size medieval city nearby Venice.

We offer about 36 panels to choose from. These represent our textile collection, ready to be ordered or used as a starting point to make pillows, rugs, tablecloths, or any other product. Anyhow we can produce denim textiles with custom designs matched with the production process of panels from this catalog. Moreover, on demand, we can change the thickness.

We can provide also a physical catalog made of textile samples. If you need one please contact us.

  • costant wideness: 1.60m
  • minimum order: 1 meter or one panel (1.60m x 1.20m)
  • up to 20 meters of seamless fabric
  • 36 panels to choose from, customs on demand
  • 6 different products to order from

We share publicly only a fraction of the full catalog. After getting your personal access code (contact us to receive one), you can download the complete digital catalog using the dedicated form below.

If you want to learn more about us, visit our about section.


Bluelight Collection

This catalog is not intended for the final customer. Vistis our shop for publicly available products.

The download is password protected. The catalog has been extended and now contains our classic textiles, luxury garments with complex high-end processes and more. Many of these are are not accessible to the final customer but only to companies and middle-men in the industry.

Within the catalog you will be able to find details about size, production, samples, prices, shipment options and other details about the company.

Contact us  and get your personal access code or enjoy the catalog excerpt.


Some of our clients


Get the password

We give access to Jean Decor’s digital catalog only on demand. You can claim the access code by contacting us through the form beside or through any other medium. We will send your personal access code to you within 24h.

If you have some extra time, we would like you to tell us more about you, how we could work together and how we could help you. We are currently working with interior designers, architects, artists, photographers, artisans, shops, distributors  and more.


Via Antonio Pacinotti, 11, Villorba 31020, Italy

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