Federico Ongaro, from Italy with Love

History & Concept

Flavio Ongaro, from Italy with Love

Federico during a Jeans Decor expedition


Since 1978

Jeans Decor is the medium through which Federico Ongaro follows the steps of his father, the artist and textile researcher Flavio Ongaro. Flavio has developed many innovative techniques to work with jeans during his long career.

Flavio Ongaro began his journey in the world of handcraft in 1978, following closely the high fashion echelons.

Jeans Decor was born in an environment rich of artistic experimentation, love for art and human works. Here Federico decided to merge his everlasting love for streetwear and jeans, the fabric that epitomises the street, to the artisanal skills acquired under his father guidance.

The discovery

Influenced by the venetian artist Mariano Fortuny, Flavio Ongaro has started his research with a wide range of printing techniques, treatments and fabrics.

“It isn’t the quantity of light, but the quality of light, that makes things visibile
– Mariano Fortuny

Eventually he develops the themes which he craved the most: nature and hand-made vintage manufacture.

Blue, the color of water, has always exerted a calming and soul lifting effect on man. Flavio Ongaro turned denim homogeneous aspect into jeans paintings. Their fine fabrics can be used for the most different roles, in particular for interior design purposes: from curtains, to couches, from painting, to pillows.

Flavio Ongaro
Flavio Ongaro during a fair
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“Nature is all the body of God we mortals will ever see
– Frank Lloyd Wright


The materic study of denim and the application of printing techniques have been faced through decades of in-field work. This decennial experience has subsequentially  been channeled into the creation of Jeans Decor, a brand made strong by collaborations with interior designers, architects and merchants from every part of the world.


“No design is possible until the materials with which you design are completely understood
– Ludwig-Mies van der Rohe

Our Team

Jeans Decor has been managed by Ongaro’s family since its foundation, affirming itself as a small family business in continous growth. Both sons helped maintaining Jeans Decor up to date and on the market, helping both the production and the marketing side of the business.

After debutting at Homi in Milan and a few more fairs at Maison&Object in Pairs, we decided it was finally time to open up a wider public. In 2019 we launched the e-commerce section of our website, just a moment after finishing our product-line of finished products for the home.

Jeans Decor is still a family owned business.
Jeans Decor is still a family owned business.

We've been growing since 2015

2015 – Inception – We got struck by the idea to put together our skills and denim.
2016 – Jeans Decor Foundation – We bootstraped Jeans Decor while we were experimenting to match exactly our clients’ taste.
2017 – Debut in Milan – We debutted in Milan at Homi -home&decor fair- getting absolutely positive vibes.
2018 – Maison&Object Paris – We had honour to partake Maison&Object fair in Paris. But we had a huge surprise and a long misadventure.
2018 – Royal Collection – We kept innovating and improving, eventually releasing a new collection.
2018 – Maison&Object – Overwhelmed by the positive feedback from the previous edition, we joined Maison&Object fair for a second time.
2019 – Expositions all around the world – We are thankfull for all the support we are receiving. We got featured in an Hong Gallery, at Thiene Castle and at Bailo Museum.
2019 – Bluelight Collection Release – We designed new products aimed directly to the public and not only to companies and professionals in the industry.