Maison Object, Paris – 2018 (and how we spend a week in Austria because our car broke down)

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This is our second fair, but our first fair at Maison&Object in Pairs and we very thrilled.

We are thrilled because we had awesome feedbacks at Homi and because we will present new textiles, more sophisticated and handcrafted than ever.

Like every fair it presents itself with many challenges and opportunities.

We are lucky to be in the main pavilione, quite near the entrance aisle. So many people will come by and see our panels.

We will work restless for the first couple of days to build our stand and find the best way to place to our products. We want to give our clients the best experience we are capable of.

Hope to see you! 🙂

Post-fair update

The fair went great, thanks to everybody for help and enthusiasm about our textile. It’s only because of you that we can keep growing and improving.

Some gift we received from nearby stands:

Car broke down – Hell week

Unfortunately our car broke down along the way home. The alternator stopped working on a highway in Germany.

And if this wasn’t enough, all our smartphones died a few moments later beacuse we used them too much during the previous part of the trip.

It was really mentally wreacking. We can only be thankful to fate because a very kind guy stopped by and helped us calling a mechanics. Eventually he temporary fixed the alternator and our car started working again.

We decided to try our luck and try to go back home.

After about 100 kilometers, in Austria, we noticed the engine was making the same noises which preceeded the car forced stopping. So we reached the nearest city and stopped there for the night.

It was truly a misadventure to look for somewhere to sleep at 10pm, in a tiny city in Austria. Luckily there was an hotel still open (probably the only hotel of the city).

We enjoyed our time between snow and mountains even if we would have rather be home.

We located a mechanics and he took our car on, but an alternator replacement wasn’t available for a four days.

And that’s how our trip home turned into a small, unwanted holiday.