We are a sustainable eco-friendly company (and together we can make the difference)

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You are outside. Polluted air fills your lungs. A few feet from you, a car speeds releasing the same substances you are breathing in while you start walking on a long strip of concrete. There is no space for nature and when there is, it is trapped, confined in a square of earth along the road or in small park barred with railings of indestructible metal. Are they there to protect us from nature? Or are they there to protect nature from us? – you think.

A few thousand miles away a polar bear struggles to climb on top of a lonely piece of ice while, nearer to the equator, an amur leopard is near extinction because he is not part of our inner-circle of animals that can adapt co-existing beside humankind, making use of our scraps and our likes.

The weather becomes uncontrollable, hurricanes and storms become more frequent than ever while the climate becomes hotter and hotter year by year.

And yet we keep insisting we can do nothing. That we have to keep sustaining an economic cycle that does more harm than good: not only to far away populations or to our endocrine system which gets more and more intoxicated, but to our very psiche, to who we are.

Billboards are raised above heads, they believe all bad things are happening outside our scope of influence. They believe the sun is getting hotter or that this is a normal natural cycle. Science can be wrong indeed, we might be unsure about how we are influencing the weather and yet, there are still things we can do to improve our relationship with the world, to do less harm.

Because we are part of that same environment, of that same world, we try not to care about.

Do we need to be sure to be on the verge of cataclysm of epic proportions to change? Many will argue that yes, humankind will keep wrongly behaving… that only pain and the sure risk of death and destruciton will result in the change of our behaviours. And that it will eventually happen: we will get the retribution we have long deserved.

But we have faith in humanity. We know we can get out of unethical capitalism and evolve our economic system: we can learn to be better, to do better.

Pollution Fog Walking

Humanity might not be the cause of global warming, but we are for sure the cause of exploited workers in the third world, we are for sure the cause of ruin of many natural beauties and unspeakable wastes.

This is a complex system, some might argue, even if I try, it will be but a drop in an ocean of uncaring people, because the system… could not care less… because I, alone, cannot make a difference. But you can make the difference, you can be one of the first bits which compound into an avalanche. And even if it will not happen, even if eventually we are bound to fail as a specie, you will be able to stay true to what matters the most and say: “I did what I knew was right”.


At Jeans Decor we think differently

These are the value we pursue at Jeans Decor. We believe we can make a difference and that even if we cannot, it is still worth trying. We pursue ethical sustainable growth and dislike industrial decentralization.

At Jeans Decor everything is made in Italy. Even the original denim fabric is produced in Italy by a quality workforce.

We try to reduce the waste to the minimum and produce as little as we need.

The treatments we perform make use of non-toxic natural products only. These are still new to the market and our work has been made possible by of countless hours of research, experimentation and passion for our work.

We love the Slow Design movement and try to follow its principles as much as we can. As it was already eloquently said:

Slow Design is a democratic and holistic design approach for creating appropriately tailored solutions for the long-term well being of people and the planet. To this end, Slow Design seeks out positive synergies between the elements in a system, celebrates diversity and regionalism, and cultivates meaningful relationships that add richness to life.

Beth Meredith, Eric Storm