Jeans Decor Foundation

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After crafting, almost by skills and luck, suitable textiles for the interior design industry, we have decided that we need to test our product on the market.

We haven’t lost time over-thinking, we know that only a market test can tell us whether our product is a winner or not.

So we’ve started working on a small, essential collection to offer a basic range of choice and show off what we are able to do.

We crafted about 24 panels of denim, depicting nature, Venetian textures, a few golden print and some more experimental textile.

We called it Premier Collection, because it is Jeans Decor first collection.

At the same time we studied a name to represent what we do in an easy and accessible way. The options were either “Jeans Decor” either “Denim Decor”.

In the end we chose the former because it is easily accessible to the public (many non-professionals don’t know what denim is) and because unfortunately an Indian company is already using the latter name.

We got fliers and business cards ready and in a matter of weeks we will join Homi, in Milan, to see what people and professionals think of our work.

We hope in a favorable feedback. Please come visiting us and let us know what you think of our textiles 🙂