The inception of an idea

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Our family has always been involved in printing and textile research. Since we were kids my father has been working in the fashion industry, a fast and ruthless area where there were little space for ecology and values, where everything is marketing and reckless capitalism.

We fell in love with interior design because on average the marketplace is so much slowlier… because a product or a theme can last for years and not only for a month or when you’re luck for a season.

Following the step and lessons of our father, Flavio Ongaro, we learn how to print, how to treat fabrics and how to build new innovative textiles.

Not a long time ago we realized what we had just created together was a perfect fit for the interior design world. We took the leap and we have been developing it ever since.

That day we created our first denim panels, they were depicting nature themes, Fortuny textures and they looked like modern tapestries.

Eventually an interior designer randomly visiting our father’s company saw these and fell in love with them.

We knew we where on right path.