Concept: denim products for interior design (hand-made in Italy)

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All our products are manually realized by professional artisans. Jeans Decor proudly associates itself to the professionalism and beauty of Italy. Our company is based in Treviso, just a few step away from Venice, even the original denim fabric is produced and delivered to us by one of the main companies which produces jeans and denim in Italy.

We chose denim, a poor but modern material, to create some sort of juxtaposition between it and the opulence of a lavish Venice from past. We have depicted it using textures that take inspiration from Rococo style and Fortuny motives. In this way we keep the famous venetian tradition of print making. In fact Venice was the capital of print making during the end of 15th century, a title which she has maintained for a long time.

Although denim is considered globally a raw and simple one, we have been able to turn it into an innovative and never-seen-before product. This was made possible thanks to a life-long research and experience in textile research and clothing production. The final product can be used in any kind of dwelling : whether it is your home, a villa, a yacht, a museum or a tv studio.

Jeans Decor textiles were tested to verify how resistant they are to friction. They were proved to resist over 25000 rubbings before showing the first signs of degradation. This value indicates that they are suitable for both commercial and heavy use. Our clients, for example, used them to wrap an old couch and restore it. Moreover our textiles are water resistant and they never leak color, not even when they come to contact with water or any other non-acid liquid, thus they can even be used for outdoor gardens or even boats.

The high manuality of our work makes each product unique, small defects and imperfections make every product from Jeans Decor special. We do not see these small imperfections as flaws, but as added value to the final product which stops being simply a product and starts having the quality of an artwork.

We launched our company in 2017 with a simple product (panels & textiles) to give the possibility to interior design professionals to apply it as they wish: a variety of denim textiles enriched with different prints and treatments, their use is only limited by imagination: from wrapping up coaches, armchairs and furnitures to building seats; from tapestries to livingroom regal paintings.

The original idea came to our mind while we were thinking about medieval tapestry. In fact our original product was a printed and treated denim panel, 1.60m wide and 1.20m tall. Every person who saw one of these complimented us for its beauty and authenticity. We still sell these panels, you can browse them at our shop.

Eventually we decided to offer a finished product for many reasons:

  • to offer a range of products to the final customer also (previously there was no product available for customers)
  • to widen the range of our products for architects, interior designer, artisans, distributors and shops
  • to show examples of what a product built with our textile could come to, this way we hope that the industry professionals will be able to take inspiration and realize custom versions or totally different products using our textiles

We are able to turn denim into any color, but we try to maintain most of our textiles blue because it is jean’s original color and because we feel its the color which represents our values the most. Blue is the color of tranquillity and life -of water, of infinity -of the sea and of the horizon.

We do not produce on an industrial level because our product requires skilled manual work. Thus we work only on small-scale productions (we rarely go beyond 100 pieces). For this reason our prices can be seen as high. They represent both the quality of the materials we use both all time we dedicate to the manual work and to researching new innovative treatments.